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Managed Security System

We design, install and maintain the system

Continual monitoring of system up-time, ensuring continuity

Encrypted data network

Hosted security database

Lower costs

Control your security remotely with phone, tablet or laptop

No need to drive to a site to update your security system

No need to issue work orders for a technician to visit site

Remote swipe card and fob management


No onsite software to install or servers to maintain.

Centralise your security

One platform … Anytime… Anywhere


Audit trail for the site in one location, online and backed up

Check which contractors have visited your site

Add / delete users remotely


From one door in one location to thousands of doors in many locations

Network connected

Simple to integrate

Improved Security

Real time access to your site 24 / 7 allows you to proactively manage access and alarms

Situational awareness

Online Portal

Proactively manage your properties in real time using the secCloud user portal

Access Control

Access Control

One card… all doors… everywhere

Encrypted Data Network

Encrypted Data Network

Install secCloud anywhere there is a 3G signal

Mobile Key

Mobile Key

Full control from your smartphone

Intruder Detection

Intruder Detection

Protect your people and property.

Smart Building

Smart Building

Automate and reduce costs.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Web enabled security

Integrated Products

SecCloud has a range of integrated products to work with clients building systems.

Make your building a Smart Building with secCloud managed security sytem to control lighting, air conditioning, fire alarms, elevators and Access Control.

Sport Venue Integrations

Sport venues that integrate Access Control are more secure, particularly those that are unstaffed.

The booking process is easy for the customer and payment can be tracked.

Did you Know secCloud has

Central Control

Works on cellular networks

A modular system

No software to be installed

Enterprise grade Access Control

Seamless integration

Real time remote access to all your sites

Multi-controller infrastructure

Self service system

Local Council Security

“…The City of Parramatta has been working with Independent Locksmiths to implement a keyless entry system across its network of Community Facilities for the last 18 months.  The keyless entry system has been a great improvement for our customers.  It allows them to access our facilities in real time without needing to travel to collect keys.  During the booking process an access code is generated and is used for their access of the facility for the time(s) that are booked.  It has created more efficiencies within our processes, and has allowed Council to have greater control over its facilities.  It has reduced the time taken to issue and return keys and has had significant benefits for both Council and the community…”

Nick Wright | Service Manager Recreation Facilities & Programs

City of Parramatta

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