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Case Study – Local Council Security

by | Jul 7, 2016

Independent Locksmiths & Security has been a part of the City of Parramatta for over 40 years.City of Parramatta council

Our contract work with the Council has extended from the master key system, to now include a security equipment installation and maintenance contract.  The facilities around the council that we maintain include Riverside Theatres, child care centres, council depots, Parramatta Lake, Parramatta City Library, Dundas, Ermington, Granville, Constitution Hill and Guildford Libraries, and the historic Parramatta Town Hall.

secCloud Managed Security System has been installed across 40 buildings for the City of Parramatta in Western Sydney. 

“…The City of Parramatta has been working with Independent Locksmiths to implement a keyless entry system across its network of Community Facilities for the last 18 months.  The roll out is almost 100% complete with our full couple of sites due to go live at the end of February 2017.  The keyless entry system has been great improvement for our customers.  It allows them to access our facilities in real time and doesn’t require them to travel to collect keys.  During the booking process an access code is generated and is used for their access the facility for the time(s) that are booked.  It has created more efficiencies within our processes, and has allowed Council to have greater control over its facilities.  It has reduced the time take taken to issue and return keys and has had significant benefits for both Council and the community…”

Nick Wright | Service Manager Recreation Facilities & Programs

City of Parramatta

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