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Access Control

Swipe the card reader and the door opens – that’s simple right!

Making doors open when you swipe a card is easy, managing the ongoing system is not. secCloud offers a single platform that can be accessed using a web browser to administer your access control system.

Using a centralised server you can update user information including card number, PIN code, the doors that person can access and at what time of the day they can access them.

Whether the doors are in your building or in another state or country, your database is easy to maintain using secCloud.

secCloud is feature rich and easy to extend & integrate. The system is modular in design which makes adding new doors to the system straightforward.

Some of the features that customers find useful include:

  • Integrate the alarm system with the access control, which means when you swipe a card reader the alarm turns off.
  • Door forced monitoring: When a door is opened without the swipe of a valid card then this can send a door forced alarm signal to the control room.
  • Scheduling: Automatically open doors or gates based on the time of day and day of week with daylight saving being updated automatically.
  • Elevator control: Restrict which floors people have access to using elevator control.
  • Anti-Passback: Stop people from entering a space and handing their card to someone else to enter that area.
  • Remote door openings: Using the online portal open a door for a delivery or a contractor from your phone, tablet or laptop computer.

Managed Access Control as a Service

After your access control system is installed you need to manage the system. The issues end users face with the ongoing management include understanding if the system is online and working, remote access to update user credentials and having the staff available to make the changes.

secCloud was developed to overcome these issues. On a daily basis we monitor all the modules are online and operational from our National Operations Centre. Using monitoring software we manage the network of controllers to ensure they are online. As the controllers are online you can login to the secCloud system to make the changes required to user access. If you do not have the time or the personnel to make the changes required then we can do it for you.

Whether you need an end user added to the system, access card or alarm code data updated or reports generated we can do that work for you. That way you can focus on your business and we will ensure your building assets are secure.