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Credentials to suit your needs


Galaxy keys work in a master key system. We now have the technology to turn this into a HybridKey.

Combining an electrical and a mechanical key, all in one, lets you reduce the keys you need to carry around.


A Hybrid remote combines an electrical key and a remote into one device.

Once again simplifying the amount of security keys you need to carry around.

secCloud phone tag sticks to the back of your phone.

Access control on your phone – now that’s convenient!

secCloud puts the RFID (radio frequency id) into a small adhesive for the back of your phone.

Alternately if you have an access card for your building garage, add this Tag to the card for building access.

secCloud Fob

Access control on your keychain.

secCloud embeds the RFID into a fob that you can attach to your keyring.

Need more explanation – benefits.

Access Card

The traditional access control device.

The access card provides you with high security and gives staff convenience with one card access across an office building.

Keep it in your wallet or attach to a lanyard for easy access throughout your working day.