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Intruder Detection

secCloud offers a state of the art, robust, enterprise grade intruder detection system that is easy for end users to understand and manage. The alarm system is infinitly scable from a few alarm zones in a single area to hundreds of alarm zones in many areas this enterprise grade security system can handle the load.

Simplicity and flexibility are at the core of the system. You can arm and disarm the alarm using a time schedule, a keypad, by swiping your access control reader, a smartphone app or using the customer portal?

secCloud supports many alarm input devices including motion detectors, door reed switches, duress buttons, smoke and heat alarms or signals from other systems like a fire alarm system.


Integrate the alarm and access control features of the system to double badge arm the system from a reader.

Partition your building into multiple areas and then allow people to arm and disarm only the areas of a building in which they have access.

When an intrusion occurs secCloud can turn on the lights so the CCTV system gets clear recorded images as evidence of the break in.

secCloud can send you an email when the system goes into alarm so you can log onto the system and manage the situation.

Alarm monitoring over the internet is onboard and part of the system. This makes the system NBN ready and allows you to leverage your investment in existing data networks and connections.

Upgrade your existing system easily with secCloud. Where you have an existing system with movement detectors and sirens you can simply replace the control equipment with secCloud hardware. Then you can control the system from the customer portal or using your smartphone.

Where you manage multiple buildings you can control the alarm systems in all of these buildings using the secCloud interface.