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Smart Building

Modern buildings offer lighting, air conditioning, air quality, elevators, parking and physical security systems aimed to maximise the productivity of building occupants. It makes sense to join these systems together to offer an intelligent building eco system.  

Smart Buildings bring all of the building management devices together. With secCloud you can control your lighting, energy, fire, elevator and HVAC systems from a web browser.

secCloud holds information that can be shared with the building management systems (BMS), like when people enter a space or the alarm has been armed. The systems can work together to turn on air conditioning when people arrive and swipe their access card to gain entry and turn off lights when the alarm is armed at night.


You can reduce your energy costs by integrating your systems together and cutting out the wasted electricity. If you are looking to decrease your environmental impact and gain a Green Star rating for your building then secCloud can be part of the solution.

Control lighting and air conditioning though time schedules from secCloud. Time of day, day of week and day light savings are all programmable in secCloud. These schedules can then drive you other building systems so the lights and air conditioning do not turn on when the building is not occupied. By integrating the security system you can control your energy consumption precisely and save money.

  • If your fire alarm system is integrated with secCloud then when it goes into alarm the doors can be opened to allow people to get out of the building.
  • When people arrive and badge the door then the alarm can disarm, the lights turn on and the air conditioning starts to operate in the areas they have access to. This is the smart way to control your building.

Optimise how the building performs and react quickly to issues that are raised. The secCloud system can email you when an event occurs to give you insight into what is happening on your site.

Low level integration versus high level integration

Like turning a light switch on and off, low level integration is triggered by relays changing state and switching other relays in the sub system. This type of integration is physical where the systems are connected together using cables. So if you do not have a building management system, then we can go ‘old school’ and secCloud can still help make your building smart.

High level integration is where the the system manufacturers have cooperated to build a bridge between the systems so they can send each other information which can be processed to initiate system changes. secCloud uses communication protocols like Modbus to talk to other BMS systems. This is real life M2M (machine to machine communication).

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