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We are looking forward to exhibiting at the Smart Buildings Summit, being held at the University of Sydney next week, and showcasing secCloud.

The Smart Buildings Summit will bring together senior executives from Commercial Real Estate, Facilities Management, developers and construction companies, architecture and design firms and IoT to discover new strategies & hear new trends supporting smart buildings. It will feature leading local and international expert speakers who will show how IoT can be leveraged to enhance building performance, better manage portfolio risk and liquidity, transform the tenant and user experience and create new revenue streams through IoT.

Smart Buildings bring all of the building management devices together. With secCloud we offer our clients control lighting, energy, fire, elevator and HVAC systems from a web browser. This makes secCloud an ideal Access Control solution. Our Integration capabilities with software such as Duktag also enable Smart booking systems so Councils and Sporting Facilities can offer customers access control when booking tennis courts or community halls.

Key Themes at the Smart Buildings Summit include:

  • How is the Internet of Things fundamentally changing the way buildings are designed, built and operated
  • What are the advantages of buildings powered by IoT
  • How is IoT technology adding value for real estate companies by enhancing the tenant experience and enabling better portfolio risk
  • What are the most important considerations when deciding to invest in Smart Building solutions
  • How do you upgrade and improve existing ‘smart’ Buildings that are equipped with controls and sensors
  • Overcoming the technical challenges related to equipment, components, systems, and interfaces within buildings
  • How to collect and manage data from people, sensors, connected equipment and existing enterprise systems
  • Smart Building cyber vulnerabilities and strategies to create more cyber secure systems

Click the logo to see the Agenda for the two days.

secCloud exhibiting.

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