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Necessity is the mother of invention.

It is fantastic when you create a solution that helps others and saves your clients money.

Recently we were faced with an issue where a client was building a new distribution centre. The mains power was not delivered to the site before the client was scheduled to receive freight from overseas. The dilemma faced by the client was that he needed his security system working or he would have to engage a static guard each night to look after the warehouse. We had already installed and commissioned the secCloud system in the warehouse. The alarm points were installed and programmed, the communications were set up over 3G for remote system configuration and alarm event reporting. The only piece missing was the power.

Solar Panel to power secCloud security system.

Solar Panel to power secCloud security system.

secWatch Solar

secWatch solar CCTV system

As the alarm system and communications devices are all low voltage, we suggested to the client that we could implement a temporary solar system to bridge the gap prior to the mains power being commissioned.

We used the knowledge we gained from building solar powered cameras to build a power system to enable our client to go live with his security system and commence operating on schedule.

We have been powering security systems with solar panels for several years now. Our range of Solar powered CCTV systems, secWatch Solar, offer 24 hr security for remote locations with alarm settings onboard to send images to your phone on alarm.

We specialise in combining security with CCTV systems. We can build the network using conventional ethernet, fibre or point to point wireless links and can power it with the sun.

If you are looking to future proof your security systems then get in touch.

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