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What is SecCloud ?

SecCloud is a cloud based complete commercial security management solution

Managed Security as a Service

  • Access control, intruder detection and building automation are the core elements of this integrated security system. secCloud is a hosted security solution that frees you from the hassle of managing software and servers. Built on enterprise grade hardware, secCloud is modular in design and infinitely scalable.¬†
  • The smart controllers communicate over an encrypted network and the database is backed up so you can rest assured that your privacy and data is safe. secCloud enables you to manage the security of your building and the safety of your people from anywhere at anytime.
  • secCloud is at the forefront of technological changes in the security industry. By harnessing the Internet Of Things where devices can connect to form ever expanding networks, you can control multiple buildings from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop using secCloud.

Remote access:

Harness the power of the internet to connect to your security system from any web enabled device. If you do not have a network on site we will build one on the Telstra Next G network so you can effectively manage remote sites.

Proactive control:

Gone are the days of traveling to site to turn on the alarm or add a new user to the security database. This can all be done using the secCloud web portal anywhere anytime.

Increased revenue:

With keyless entry you can restrict the times that facilities can be used by clients hiring. They will need to have a paid booking in the system to get a PIN number that will allow them to open a facility. This can work across a number of assets including tennis courts, community centers and 24hr gyms.

Reduced costs:

Your time is valuable and sending technicians to site costs money. You can eliminate these costs by using secCloud to remotely log onto and manage your security system.

Increased accountability:

By allocating trades and cleaners with PIN codes, you can review the audit trail to see when they attended site and make sure they are fulfilling their commitments.

Keyless entry:

Reduce your reliance on keys by issuing smart proximity cards or fobs where the access levels can be managed from a web browser without visiting site. Taking it a step further you can issue a PIN code that will work right away.

Data Integration:

Connect your booking or membership database to secCloud that allows the seemless exchange of user information and eliminates the requirement for double handling. When you create a new booking or member the access control card or PIN information is transmitted directly to secCloud. Ideal for 24hr gyms, community centres, self storage and tennis courts.

Remote control:

Use the secCloud online portal to add users, run reports, turn on alarms, turn off lights and air conditioning, all from your phone, tablet or laptop. The portal is easy to operate and takes the complexity out of operating your security system.

Status Pages:

See the status of the alarm areas and doors in real time from the custom status pages in secCloud.

Future proof:

Technology is evolving rapidly and secCloud will continue to push innovation to ensure you have the features you need in this modern world. Get rid of the old computer that runs the security system and partner with us or your technology requirements.

No more double handling:

Update the access levels of a person once and they will be updated across all sites at the same time. secCloud is a central database that can send data to many sites. So if a regional manager leaves the organisation you can instantly stop their access to doors and alarm with a couple of clicks. You no longer have to dial into each site or get a technician to visit each site to make the changes.

Situational awareness:

Log on in real time and work out what is happening on site. You can view CCTV to verify who is on site and then disarm the alarm and open the door to let them in or activate sirens and lights then call the authorities if you have visual verification of a break and enter.

Who is secCloud for?

Property Management

Centrally control all of the buildings in your portfolio from your office.

One database, One web interface ….. this is sure to make your life easy.

Local Council

Keyless entry simplifies the process of booking halls, meeting rooms and tennis courts.

Increase revenues by restricting the hirers access to only the paid booking time.

Commercial Offices

Open doors and arm alarms across town, interstate or overseas.

Gain control of your buildings and protect your people using a centralised system over an encrypted data network.

Small Business

Enjoy peace of mind with an easy to use, web based security system to protect your business. Get back to your passion, and leave the security management with us.

24hr Gym

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by controlling lights and air conditioning based on a user accessing the Gym.

Turn off the lights and turn on the alarm when no one is there.

Retail Stores

Managing access control, alarms and time & attendance can be complex across a chain of retail stores.

Simplify the system by using one database and one interface online with secCloud.