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Who is secCloud for?

This is an ideal building security solution for Property Managers, Commercial Offices, 24hr gyms, Small Businesses and Local Councils.
Property Managers manage their portfolio from anywhere...anytime.

Property Managers

Centrally control all of the buildings in your portfolio from your office. This is sure to make your life easier. One database, One interface.


24hr Gym

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by lights and air conditioning based on a user accessing the gym. Turn off lights and turn on the alarm if noone is there. This can all be done remotely with secCloud.

Retail Stores

Managing Access Control, alarms, time & attendance can be complex across a chain of retail stores. secCloud lets you simplify the system by using one database and one interface online.

Commercial Offices

Open doors and arm alarms across town, interstate or overseas. Gain control of your buildings and protect your people using a centralised system over an encrypted data network.

Local Council

Keyless entry will simplify the booking process for the hiring of community halls, meeting rooms and tennis courts.  This is sure to see an increase in revenue, as the hirer is given restricted access to a facility for only the booking times that they have paid for.

Small Business Operators

We will give you peace of mind with an easy to use, web based security system to protect your business, so you can focus on your passion – your business.